Grade 2 Teacher in Training

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In the Grade 2/3 class the students have “Punch Cards” – small cards with their names – and whenever they show great character, whether it be offering kind words to a friend, accepting responsibility, or showing determination, they receive a hole punch on their card. Once they have received 20 punches, they can choose a reward. Some of the choices are “Skip Homework for a Night”, “Free iPad Time”, or “Bring In a Game to Share”.

This week Zoe completed her punch card and chose “Help The Teacher Teach A Lesson”. This was the first time anyone in the class had chosen this reward and everyone had a great time! Zoe helped Emily and Jordan introduce Hieroglyphs (ancient Egyptian writing).  She was a natural! In the morning, prior to the lesson, Zoe studied the material so that she would be able to help her peers. It is wonderful to see the children get so excited about learning and about learning from each other. Zoe began her lesson with a picture of a hieroglyph on the SMART Board, asking prompting questions about what the students might think they will discover. Some memorable and completely unscripted quotes from her lesson include, “I will hand you your paper when you are sitting nicely.” and “Put your hands on your head to show me when you are done.” (We don’t know where she could heard have those from!)

It was a thrilling and effective lesson that completely warmed our hearts. We are looking forward to more teachable moments in Grade 2/3. 

Emily Blackwood and Jordan Morneau
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School

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