Grandparent’s Week

Whether you are a Grampy, a Dan Dan, a Nani, a Nana, a Ganny, a Bubbe, a Granny, a Popou, a Babooshka, a Dadu, a Dodi, a Poppa or a Grandma, we celebrate you! For those of you that are pre-Covid CGS families, you know that Grandparent’s Day is a very special event around here. We missed it last year due to Covid and here we are again, virtually celebrating these very special people and the critical role they play in their grandchildren’s lives. But that’s ok, we made it a week of special activities for the kids this year, not just a day. They have been sharing stories, memories, their favourite things to do with their grandparents, what objects remind them of their grandparents, and much more, all week long.  The JK’s even learned how to use Snail Mail! All of the children are reaching out to their grandparents this week – some by mail, some by Zoom, some are even able to drop a little something off to their grandparents to make sure they know how special they are. Thank you to Meesh and Heather, and all the teachers, for organizing this week’s activities.