Gratitude Adds Up

Every year in January, Marie empties the Gratitude Jar and tallies up all the entries. It is a task that Marie looks forward to each year. She dutifully documents every entry. If there are comments about specific people, she very kindly shares them. It is a lovely thing to receive one of these notes, knowing that someone took the time to acknowledge their gratitude for something you have done or a quality you possess. It is equally lovely to hear comments about the people we know and share our days with.

We wanted to remind you that the Gratitude Jar is there for everyone to use – staff, students and parents. It is ready to receive new notes for 2018! We already have several entries. (Thank you to our very thoughtful Grade 3 students. They were the first to start off the jar this year.) Please feel free to take a minute if you are in the office to add your thoughts to the mix. We are so fortunate to live and work in this community of friends, family and colleagues. Here’s to a year of gratitude, appreciation and kindness in our school!