Growth and Change in Animals

The students in Grade 2/3 have been learning all about different classifications of animals, how they grow and change, and how both animals and humans impact each other. The children are currently working on their culminating research project; they each choose an animal they are excited about and are in charge of collecting specific information about it. The students used IPads, computers, and Readers to gather information. They explored non-fiction text and how to read labeled graphics and diagrams. The students also learned very quickly about how to make search words more specific for what they were looking for. They write “for kids’ in their search engine to get information that is at their level of reading and with pictures. Their project will result in a flip book with sections such as; physical characteristics, life cycle, habitat and adaptations, animal family, and interesting facts. (There are a few examples pictured below.) The children are turning into quite the animal experts! Watch out for their projects on display soon.

Lisa Garard and Jordan Morneau
Grade 2/3 Teachers
Children’s Garden School