Halloween in the Art Room

This month has been a busy one in preparation for Halloween in the Art Room! The JK/SK classes learned all about silhouettes and painted spooky cats to decorate our hallways. The only feature showing are their bright yellow eyes staring back. These peek-a-boo cats are paw-sitively adorable!

It was also Prize Day this week for working so hard the last two months. Our classes celebrated by making zombie slime and having a popcorn party with green butter! We learned how to make our butter green using two primary colours – yellow and blue food colouring.

Owl Moons

The JK/SK classes were also inspired by the book “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen. It is a beautifully illustrated book about a father and daughter exploring nature and looking for owls at night. The children drew owls with pastels on black paper to make them pop against the night sky. They painted the nocturnal sky with shades of blue and purple and created a full moon and stars to complete the scene for their owls. These owls look so whimsical and playful. I love them!

Stained Glass Poppies

This month the Grade 1 Class was introduced to stained glass art. We learned that art can be made of different materials like coloured glass. The students were shown pictures of stained glass art and were encouraged to go looking for stained glass art in the world around them. We learned that art is all around us, even in buildings and architecture. Inspired, the class created some faux-stained glass poppy art. They first drew poppies with black glue piping to resemble the strips of lead that traditionally hold the coloured glass together. After our glue dried, we painted each section with sheer watercolours to resemble glass. They made the paper shiny and reflective like glass by painting a glaze of glue over the entire project. They did an amazing job creating the illusion of stained glass art. Take a look at their beautiful work in our hallway downstairs!

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School