Hands On Math

Hands On Math

Hands on learning is an important part of what we do at CGS and it takes place across the grade levels. Learning through doing is one of the most effective ways of consolidating concepts and building confidence. Additionally, it can help build collaborative and problem solving skills. A great example of hands on learning this week at CGS is the classes that worked on shapes and patterning. Our Early Start, SK and Grade 1 classes were all working on shapes and patterns in various ways.

Early Start

Early Start was working on identifying shapes and creating shapes. They practiced matching and drawing different shapes, as well as using jewels to outline their shapes.



The SK class was using shapes (and colours, and stickers) to make patterns. Each student worked on their own pattern book, where they created a repeating pattern. Students worked hard to figure out their pattern and correct their own mistakes.


Grade One

Grade One expanded their understanding of patterning in a hands on way as well. Students used a variety of building materials to create a pattern using attributes of their choice. Once they had completed their pattern, a classmate tried to figure out the pattern and then repeat it. We were so impressed with the variety of patterns the students made and with the reasoning skills of those figuring out the patterns.