Happy Holidays from All of Us at CGS

Here we are in our crazy Christmas sweaters today! We couldn’t gather for our usual holiday picture this year so instead, Don grabbed snaps of everyone in their cohort. It’s been a lovely last day at school. We’ve had a House Games Term wrap up with Aidan, a charming Christmas story with Marie called Little Red Sleigh and the Early Starts had their Term 1 PA sponsored special event – a Ho Ho Hip Hop dance class. There has also been an outpouring of generosity from our parent community. Thank you for all the support and love. Lockdown taught us so much, not the least of which was how important the children are to us, how their joy and spirit makes life so sweet for us every day. Happy Holidays to all. Wishing you warmth, peace and good health. See you in 2021! May it be a year filled with promise and progress so that we can gather together one day very soon.