Hanukkah is Here!

Happy Hanukkah! Thank you to Early Start mum S for sharing her Hanukkah family traditions with the class on Wednesday. She brought a story to share with the children, explained the significance of the menorah (we learned there is always a ‘helper’ candle to light the others), and told us all about the yummy treats that go along with this special time for Jewish families. Donuts, latkes and gelt. Delicious! She also had several dreidels to show us – there are so many different kinds. Stay tuned for more cultural stories next week. We had a Grade 1 mum share the Christmas story on Thursday and another mum in Early Start joined us today to teach the children all about Khushali, a Muslim celebration. We are so fortunate to have such a diverse community here at CGS. Thank you to our parents for sharing their time, energy and knowledge with the children. It is so appreciated.