Healthcare SK Style

Our SK health and safety unit has taken on a life of its own due to our very own SK parents! They have enhanced our unit immesurably this week by sharing their professions with the class, complete with interactive, real-life props. The SK’s could now be mistaken for health and safety professionals themselves due to their outstanding knowledge of the human body and the importance of healthy living and safe measures. Their rapt attention and enthusiastic particiaption was commented on by all of our parent guests. See below for a list of the generous parents who came to share their expertise with our class.

Jocelyne (Chanel’s Mommy) – The importance of keeping a clean and healthy smile – from brushing, flossing and making sure to visit the dentist on a regular basis.

Leanna (Sienna’s Mommy) – A day in the life of a nurse and the many different roles they have in the hospital and in the community.

Steve (Abby’s Daddy) – Surgery and all that it encompasses, including the organs he operates on, the tools he uses, and how to prepare.

We eagerly await Andrew (Jake’s Daddy) who will be sharing his expertise as one of Toronto’s finest police officers.

Thank you to all of our very accomplished parents. Your visits were incredibly memorable. The children headed straight for the Gratitude Jar after the presentations to show their apprecaition!

Paula & Meagan
SK Teachers
Children’s Garden School