Highlights this week

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class has been busy thinking of words that mean something special to them and to others. They called this their ‘Give Me Five’ project. The class brainstormed together as a team to come up with words and phrases like ‘special’, ‘heart’, ‘listen’, ‘invite a friend to play’, ‘celebrate’, ‘love and kindness’. The students decorated their special ‘Give me Five’ worksheet, colouring the perimeter and then glueing on hearts. A beautiful, heartwarming activity.

Senior Kindergarten

The SK class has recently launched their ‘Mystery Reader’ series. A secret special guest joins the class virtually or in-person, outside to read a story to the class.  The teachers give the students 3 hints about their mystery reader. They all had to close their eyes while they brought in the mystery reader and they could all guess who it might be.

The first Mystery Reader was Hatice who read ‘Limu the Blue Turtle’ to the SK class. The beautiful book tells a story of perseverance, friendship, and being kind at heart.

The SK’s were next joined virtually by Neha. She read the story called ‘Sisters’ to the class. Written by Serena and Venus Williams, the story is about their experience and how hard work, concentration and the support of family helped them become what they are today. Every time Neha read the word ‘concentration’ then students had to touch their head).

The most recent Mystery Reader was Jordan. Joining the class outside on a beautiful, sunshiny day, Jordan read one of her favourites by Dr. Seuss. We are so grateful to our busy CGS parents for taking time out of their work day to bring these inspirational stories to our students!

Principal’s Club

Our Principal’s Club is getting ready for it’s last fundraiser of the school year. The club members unanimously agreed that handmade playdough would be a great (and fun!) item for our CGS families. During the club meeting this week, everyone was hard at work getting sale posters ready. It was wonderful to have the Principal’s Club together in one room, working in groups to complete their poster ads!

CGS families will have order information coming from the CGS office to their email inbox. Principal’s Club fundraiser orders are due on Thursday, May 19!