Holiday House Games Celebration

The last House Games of the year wrapped up on Thursday with a great show of teamwork and creativity from every House. We had a great celebration of the days’ achievements today. The challenge was for each House, in every class, to build a structure for a snowman to perch on. Points were awarded for how high they could rest the snowman off the ground, creativity, and team spirit. The contest saw Pavo’s scores combine to take the victory with a total tower height of 424cm.  Pegasus (317cm) took 2nd, Draco (301cm) 3rd, and Delphinus (277cm) 4th. The highest individual tower was 120cm from the SK classroom.

Winning this challenge did not prove to be enough for Pavo to catch up to the leaders as they remain in 4th place in the House standings. Pegasus holds on strong to the lead with 5,717 points. Delphinus narrowly behind with 5,502 points, Draco and Pavo remain neck and neck with 5,266 and 5,239 points, respectively.

We look forward to seeing the competition continue in the new year and we will see if Pegasus can hold on to their lead!

Aidan Haslett
Physical Education Teacher
Children’s Garden School