Step Right Up: House Games Carnival Extravaganza!

Step right up to the CGS Carnival House Games! Our November House games were a HUGE HIT! The school gym and classrooms were buzzing with energy as all four of our school houses rotated through 2 fun packed team building activities! Our four Houses, Yellow Pegasus, Green Pavo, Red Draco, and Blue Delphinus, all geared up for an afternoon of friendly competition and creative collaboration!

One of the carnival house game activities involved an explosion of colours and creativity with each house having to collaborate together to create their own house team flag. Each student from every house brought their unique artistic touch to the table, contributing to a magnificent new designed team flag. It was a great to see the flags take shape, showing each students’ pride and the unity within each of their houses as they put their design of the flag together. Great work to all the students for the creative and vibrant designs and for demonstrating such a strong  spirit of teamwork!

The second activity for our November House Games was the Carnival Games!  Four thrilling activities awaited our students in the gym, each designed to test their carnival, competition and team building skills!  The houses engaged in some real energetic and heightened competition against their challenger teams. With all houses cheering their teammates on while they raced against the clock to accumulate as many points as possible, it made for a carnival crazed afternoon!

They took turns gaining points in 4 different games! Ladder Tower, Bucket Tub Toss, the classic Bean Bag Toss, and Balloon Pop Toss. Precision, aim, strategy and accuracy were the key components each student needed to be successful for their team! Cheers and groans added to the electric competitive atmosphere as each toss was a make or break in each team’s chances!

To add an extra carnival sweet treat surprise of excitement, a Bonus Game was revealed! Each team was challenged to guess how many candies were in the giant carnival bucket! Students channeled their inner mathematicians and took a chance at estimating the number of candies in a bucket for an extra 100 bonus points!

This November’s Carnival themed house games left all the students feeling ecstatic and energized from all their hard team work! Our teachers are so happy to see everyone come together to celebrate the magic of teamwork through the thrill of friendly fun competition for our monthly house games!