House Mascots Come to Life

TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More

The excitement has been building since Tuesday, ahead of this month’s CGS House Games. The Houses were separated by narrow margins leading up to Friday’s games. The challenge for today was to build an object using a random assortment of gym equipment, ranging from stacking cups to hula-hoops. Each team was given a large amount of equipment to start with. The challenge was to use every single item to create a structure.

Round 1, the teams were required to build a 2D image of the letter “T”. Each team was given points based on how many items they used and how they worked as a team. The teamwork on show was amazing and every team put in a huge effort to complete the task.

Round 2, each team had to create a 3D structure of their House mascot, the dolphin, dragon, pegasus, and the peacock. This round took a bit longer to complete but again the teamwork on show was amazing. Each House team created a 3D mascot that was both creative and easily recognisable! Thank you to our special guest judge, Zandée, who decided our winners. It was so great to see everyone working so well as part of a team. The team spirit was at an all-time high. The children are already asking when the next House Games will take place!

Thank you to all the teachers for their help in making this another successful House Games.

Steve Walter
Physical Education Teacher,
Children’s Garden School