How Do We Become Sociable?

In today’s rapidly changing world, teaching children more than just academics is crucial. School plays a pivotal role in shaping not only young minds but also young hearts. One of the fundamental life skills that should be nurtured in the beginning years is sociability. If you are not aware, CGS has a character trait of each school month that all students discuss, learn about and explore within their classrooms. Our first CGS character trait of the year for September that our students dove into is, Sociable.

Being sociable means having the ability and willingness to interact, communicate, and engage positively with others. Sociable individuals are often friendly, approachable, and enjoy social interactions. They thrive in social settings, build connections, and contribute positively to group dynamics. Being sociable involves effective communication, empathy, and the capacity to form meaningful relationships, making it an essential skill for personal and professional growth in today’s world.

So how do we become sociable?

School is where children take their first steps towards independence. It’s a time when they start forming friendships, developing a sense of empathy, and learn about working together in groups. It’s the perfect stage to lay the foundation for sociability. Our teachers do an excellent job creating a nurturing environment where all of our students feel safe to express themselves and interact with their peers.

Effective communication is at the heart of sociability.  A lot of our classrooms have been buzzing with conversations where our students are asking their peers questions to get to know each other even more! With a focus on teaching children how to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly and respectfully, we are encouraging positive conversations through kindness. At CGS we take pride in celebrating and teaching our students to appreciate differences and respect various cultures, backgrounds, and abilities. This is all crucial for fostering a socially aware and empathetic generation.

Throughout the month here at CGS we have been encouraging students to understand differing perspectives and find common ground amongst each other to help in building empathy and respect within. Some of the group activities our classrooms have participated in not only promote sociability but also teach children the importance of sharing, compromising, and supporting each other.

Teaching sociability skills at CGS goes beyond the classroom. It’s about equipping children with the skills and values they need to navigate the complexities of human relationships. By fostering an environment that promotes communication, empathy, teamwork, and inclusivity, we can prepare our young learners to become socially competent and compassionate individuals who thrive in a diverse world.

Have a look at some of our students working together, practicing their social skills, and becoming more collectively involved in their classroom communities.