Humber Adventure at The Arboretum

The Grades 1-4 students were at the Humber Arboretum on Monday, for our first ever CGS visit. It was wonderful. The staff were so impressed by the facility and programming. It was a chilly, chilly day but the kids still came back happy and muddy after a day full of indoor and outdoor activities. Thank you to super fun leaders, Tamarak and Raccoon, for leading the children on a walk through the forest looking for evidence of animals. The children identified nests, scat, footprints and burrows – all signs that animals were nearby. As they moved through the forest, the children were asked to reduce their ‘zone of disturbance’ and to increase their ‘zone of awareness’ as they explored the woods. (What a lovely image for all of us to take on a nature walk!) The children also had a blast playing Hawk & Mouse (the adults were the hawks and the children were a family of mice trying to get to their food). Checking out all the animal artifacts was also an interactive highlight.