Humpty Dumpty Takes a Fall

Humpty took a bit of a beating in SK Science class this week. The children were testing the properties of different materials and how height and impact would affect outcomes. They used their senses as a way to predict what materials would successfully protect Humpty. They tried natural materials and some manufactured materials, including feathers, marbles, fruit loops, marshmallows and quinoa. Everyone made their predictions in advance. Some of the Jr. Scientists were even doing the experiment at home alongside Paula and Clara. They had 6 eggs at the ready, all decorated with Humpty faces.

 “You should use a material 2 or 3 times because it could be a different result each time”. ~ Holt (He was Paula’s Science Assistant during the experiment.)

“We need soft materials like marshmallows to save Humpty from cracking, not hard materials”. ~ Teddy

Needless to say, Humpty did eventually crack when he was dropped with the marbles. Well done Jr. Scientists – you’ve conducted yet another illuminating experiment!