In our classes

Our Grade 3&4 class finished their ‘Regions of Canada’ unit last week. Each student researched a physical region in Canada and wrote about things like where its found, its features, its climate, natural resources, jobs, etc. For their presentations, they typed up their research findings and printed pictures to include. The students presented their research to the class last Thursday!

The JK Architects Club brought in their favourite stuffie so that they could build a house for them. The students were encouraged to experiment with elements that they could use and also how to gauge the size of the structure and how to construct a structure that protects their stuffie from ‘the elements’.

This week the Senior Kindergarten Craft Club created their very own scarecrow puppets. We had a blast learning about the very important job a scarecrow has for the farm and how they ward off the birds and pests. Each students’ scarecrow is unique, as you can see by their designs. But watch out for our not so friendly visitor: the crow… he might get cha! Keep the crops safe!

The Grade 2 Improv Club got creative putting together scenarios where they are the actor as well as the object in the story.