In Our Classrooms

In Our Classrooms

As usual, CGS has been full of activity this week! Students have been having fun and learning together. Take a look at what we were working on this week!

Terry Fox Update

We are so proud of our CGS community for their dedication to our Terry Fox Walk. If you would still like to donate, our link is available here. We will be announcing the total amount raised on Friday, October 28!



Early Start

The Early Start students had lots of sensory fun making a spooky Halloween goop. The students loved looking through the goop to find the objects. This type of activity promotes exploration, inquiry, and working together.



CGS is participating in The Global Read Aloud this year! The Global Read Aloud is a yearly event where schools all over the world read the same books during a six week period. The goal is to build global connections and a love of reading. JK was our first class to read the first book, “You Matter” by Christian Robinson. They talked about how kids all over the world are reading this book, and what reading the same book might look like in different countries.




SK loves to cook! They worked on a Halloween themed creation this week using cookies and pudding. In addition to reinforcing skills like measuring and following a procedure, this type of activity builds classroom community. Each student plays a role in creating the finished product and students learn about working effectively together.


Grade 1

The Grade 1 students worked on a pumpkin themed STEM activity. The challenge was for students to build a structure that could support all of their pumpkins. Before beginning construction, students had to plan out their structure. They drew a diagram of what they wanted to build and made a list of the materials needed for construction.



Grade 2-4

Grades 2-4 have been working hard on their Patterning unit in math. Students have been learning about repeating, growing and shrinking patterns. After talking about how to create each type of pattern, students worked on making their own patterns.