In Our Classrooms

In Our Classrooms

Early Start

Our Early Start class has been learning about winter holidays. They have talked about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. The Early Start learners listened to books and did crafts based on these holidays. These types of crafts help to build many early learning skills, including fine motor skills.




SK had a very busy week! They started with a field trip to Norval Outdoor School. The kids spent the whole day outside in the fresh air, playing games and building together.



SK had a relaxing end to the week! They had a yoga class where they took time to learn some new poses and enjoyed showing the class their favourite poses.



Grade 1

Grade one loves reading! Grade one has independent reading time every day. This reading can look different depending on the day and the student. Students sometimes read by themselves with a book they have chosen. They sometimes read in partners and talk about what they are reading. They even read online sometimes, using a digital library made for kids. Encouraging students to choose their own books and read what they love helps to build independent readers.



Grade 2

Grade two took their beautiful holiday models on a tour of the school! They visited the younger grades to show their hard work and creativity. These models were created as part of the grade two Families and Heritage social studies unit. We love it when the students get to show their work to the rest of the school!