In Our Classrooms (and outside!)

We have had a fun week of learning at CGS this week! Our learning took place both in and out of the classroom.

Grade 1 Space

Using Oreos to learn about space? Yes please! The grade one class is learning about the phases of the moon as part of their space unit in science class. They learned what each phase of the moon is called, and what that means. The kids then used Oreos to recreate each phase. This type of activity is a fun way to reinforce existing learning and to make connections between new learning and everyday items. It is also something the kids will remember for a long time!


Grade 1-4 Field Trip



Our grade 1-4 classes went on a field trip to the Brickworks this week. The students spent the whole day outside in the beautiful fall scenery. The classes completed some cooperative activities such as building a fox den and a beaver dam, and playing a nature themed running game. They also went for a long walk and took in the gorgeous fall colours. This gave the kids a chance to slow down a bit and enjoy the outdoors, where they saw several animals. Some of the highlights were ducks, fish, and a giant snapping turtle!