In our classrooms

Early Start

The Early Start class has been busy preparing for Pink Shirt Day coming up next week. They created their own anti-bullying pledge and committed to being kind, treating others with respect and making sure that they step in if they see mean or bullying behaviours.

Junior Kindergarten

The JK class has been busy preparing for the 100th Day of Class next Tuesday, February 22. They have been creating gumball machines with 100 gumballs inside of it. The gumballs include 10 different colours with each colour being used for 10 gumballs.

Senior Kindergarten

On Valentine’s Day the SK class conducted a Candy Heart science experiment. To answer the question ‘Will the Candy Heart sink or float?’ the class used vinegar, soda and regular tap water. Each liquid was in a separate glass and before the candy heart was added to each glass the students were asked to guess whether they thought the candy heart would sink or swim.

Grade 1

The Grade 1 class have finished their Harriet Tubman projects for Black History Month. After learning about Harriet’s life, their project was to draw a picture of a moment that they remembered from her life, include five adjectives that best describe Harriet and write two sentences explaining why she is so important to Canadian history.

Grade 2

For Black History Month the Grade 2 class presented their Viola Desmond posters and biographies. Student teams read their biographical piece with each team member reading a different character. The teams worked together to complete a poster that highlighted significant moments in Viola Desmond’s life and her amazing contribution towards inclusion and equality in Canada.

Grades 3&4

The Grades 3&4 Super Science club had so much fun during their club meeting this week. Using dry erase markers, they drew shapes and letters on glass. Once they poured water on the glass the shapes come to life!