InSchool Wear No Tax February

Make sure to visit InSchool Wear to stock up on anything you may need in the spring. I noticed pants getting short at the Assembly yesterday! Please keep in mind we have several # 1 Dress special events still to come this year. We know some of you may be leaving the school next year (and know that investing in another pair of pants may not be on the top of your list) but we really appreciate your efforts to keep the children looking good in their uniforms all year long. If another trip to InSchool isn’t doable for you, please let me know and I can potentially provide you with something from our uniform cupboard.

We also know that ordering anything from InSchool can be a frustrating and drawn-out experience. I recently met with our new account executive at InSchool, Cristine Andrade, and feel hopeful about improved service. She is new to the company and is well aware of the challenges we have faced regarding availability of product and customer service. There are already new systems in place to ensure that things are much better moving forward. Please join me in welcoming her and wishing her luck in her new job. Llorena continues to manage the Wicksteed location and will be sharing CGS account duties with Cristine.

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