Celebrating International Dot Day!

This past Friday September 15th was the 20th anniversary of International Dot Day! What is Dot Day you ask? Dot Day is a global celebration of creativity, inspired by Peter H. Reynolds’ beloved book, “The Dot.” It is is a day when students and teachers come together to celebrate the power of creativity, courage, self-expression, and encourages each student to embrace their unique talents. This year at CGS the entire school campus buzzed with excitement as students and teachers prepared to “make their mark”.

The heart of Dot Day lies in the story of Vashti, a young girl who begins her creative journey with a simple dot. She learns that even the smallest mark can lead to endless possibilities. In the spirit of learning about Vashti’s discovery, our shining CGS students were encouraged to embrace their own unique abilities and to make their own mark (quite literally).

Friday morning all of our students started their day by adding their creative and unique Dot to our Dot Day Murals outside on the lawn! It was a positive, uplifting and exciting spark of creativity and imagination to boost everyone’s confidence for the day!  Each classroom explored the story of Vashti by incorporating unique colourful dot projects and art pieces to their vibrant classrooms to symbolize their commitment to creativity. The energy and enthusiasm in the air were palpable.

Dot Day is not just about art; it is about fostering a growth mindset and encouraging students to embrace challenges. Some teachers and students shared stories of perseverance and resilience, with the teachings that even mistakes can lead to beautiful outcomes.

Dot Day is a reminder that creativity knows no bounds and that every individual has the potential to make a difference. It encouraged us all to “make our mark,” just as it says in the book, not only on paper but also in our lives and CGS community.

Celebrating Dot Day is more than just a fun tradition; it’s a day that empowers students to embrace their creativity, express their truest selves, and approach challenges with confidence. It reminds us that each of us has the power to make a positive impact on the world, one dot at a time.