Introducing Mani from Arts Express!

We are so thrilled to welcome Mani to our CGS Spirit at Home Program. During the early days of the program, Marie was very mindful that the critical arts component of our CGS curriculum was missing. As the children and teachers were getting up and running with classroom basics, Marie was working behind the scenes to organize creative arts sessions that would work in our new online learning environment. Thank you to Danelle, founder of Arts Express for her invaluable assistance. We are so pleased that the children’s connection to the arts has not been interrupted because of COVID-19.

Mani was slated to direct the musical in May and had already met the children during auditions for Seussical the Musical. She was already familiar with all of our amazing CGS character actors! This has definitely helped with the online transition. Mani will be teaching Story Drama for Early Start-SK and Drama Plus for Grades 1-3. Below are brief descriptions of these classes. The senior classes will be working collaboratively to create a filmed dramatic presentation, complete with sets. Very exciting. The show must go on!

Story Drama (Earl Start-SK)
This class will be comprised of interactive song, imaginative story play and movement.
Duration: 15 minutes 2x per week.
Objectives: To engage children’s imagination, develop emotional intelligence and gross motor skills, through movement/dance, and encourage play and socialization between children and their peers.

Drama Plus (Grades 1-3)
This class will be a drama and music mash-up, with a little art and poetry on the side. Children will work collaboratively to create a filmed dramatic presentation. Working with poetry as the script and upcycled (children-made) art for the set and design of the show.
Duration: 30 minutes 2x per week.
Objectives: To foster collaboration and co-operation between students and peers, introduce aspects of poetry such as rhythm and meter and create an artistic space for children to express themselves through crafts, music and play. Introduce basic drama and improv concepts such as: Objective, Tactic, Yes And, and Object Work.