Introducing Our 2018/19 Student Government!

It was an unprecedented campaign this year, with more candidates than ever running for CGS Student Government. It was so gratifying for CGS staff to see so many of their students come forward to run. The children campaigned for two weeks leading up to the election. They were required to make posters for display in the hallway and to write speeches to deliver to their peers on election day. This is a big deal for a child (or adult!) of any age and we are so proud of everyone who participated. CGS Staff were blown away by the quality of the speeches. (It bodes very well for the Public Speaking Contest in April.) Speeches were heartfelt, funny and engaging. John Tory even showed up in one of the speeches! Many candidates included how much they love their school and why they want to serve their community in their speeches. It was an overwhelmingly positive morning. Marie was especially proud and pleased to see the children who, when they arrived at CGS, were shy and often reluctant to participate, take to the podium with such confidence. The CGS tradition of valuing public speaking so highly makes such a difference in the lives of so many of our students. Congratulations to everyone. Win or lose, running for office shows leadership. As with any election, there were some tears today. The children who were not elected had to balance their feelings of disappointment with the happiness they felt for their friends who were. There were many caring displays and acts of good sportsmanship directly following the announcement of the winners on both sides. This is a huge part of the learning process for the children. Election lessons are tricky and the children handled themselves very well. The 2018/19 Student Government is looking forward to getting to work very soon! Please see below for a brief description of Student Government roles.

Mayor: The mayor is the symbolic leader of the student body. He or she will have a vote on all student government decisions and will also be the official liaison between the student government and the school Principal.

Deputy Mayor: The deputy mayor will also have a vote on all student government decisions. He or she will have the special job of reporting on school and student government topics to the Early Start, JK and SK classes.

Councillor (one for each class): The councillors will also have a vote on all student government decisions. They will each have the special job of reporting back to their classes each month on school and student government topics.

Jordan and Lisa
Student Government Coordinators
Children’s Garden School