It’s Not Goodbye, But See You Soon

As we gathered together on our last day of school to celebrate another funtastic and successful school year, we also gathered to pay tribute to a remarkable individual who has dedicated 25 years of her life to shaping young minds and nurturing future generations here at CGS. It is with deep admiration and gratitude that we celebrate the retirement of an exceptional CGS  JK school teacher, Sara A. Throughout her prominent 25-year career, Sara has left an irreplaceable mark on all of our lives, igniting the flames of curiosity and instilling a huge love for learning, caring, and kindness, and of course the utmost dedication and respect for the legacy of Terry Fox and how we can do hard things, too!

As we look back on Sara’s time here at CGS we are reminded of the countless lives she has touched. Her passion, commitment, and belief in the uncapped potential of every child has been the driving forces behind her extraordinary career. Through the highs and lows, Sara A has remained a beacon of light, fostering an environment where students and peers feel safe, supported, and empowered to reach for the stars.

She always transformed the classroom into a vibrant and engaging space, where learning became an adventure. From dance a rooies on the carpet and storytelling sessions that transported students to far-off lands, to colourful art projects and interactive science experiments that sparked a love for creativity and discovery, Sara had a unique ability to make every lesson sparkle bright for all our students.

Sara A always taught her students to celebrate diversity and encouraged them to always embrace their unique talents and perspectives. She believed in the power of self-expression, whether that was giving space for students to performing their favourite song and dance, teach their peers something new and exciting, or creating an environment where every student could support each other in Teamwork Tuesdays, Sara A guided her students down a path to continuously grow their confidence, courage, and independence.

A huge thank you goes out to our Parents Association for organizing a special token of appreciation for Sara to honour all her time and dedication here at CGS, and the student and families she has impacted. Thank you to all of you for your contributions to help us honour Sara A in our 2022-23 Graduation Closing Ceremonies the best and most fitting way possible: with her very own Toronto Maple Leafs “Adamson” Jersey.

Sara A, as you embark on this next new chapter of life, on behalf of everyone at CGS, students, staff, and our ever-growing community, we wish you all happiness, relaxation, and fulfillment you deserve. We will cherish all the heartfelt time we all have spent with you, whether it be long or short, and never forget the lasting memories we share with you. Now she might be saying her final farewell to the classroom, but it is not goodbye, but see you soon. We are eternally grateful for your service, inspired by your passion, and honored to have been part of your lasting CGS journey. Congratulations on 25 remarkable years, and may the next chapter be the best one yet.

One last note from our Principal Marie…

Now it’s my turn to publicly thank our much loved Sara A for 25 years of teaching excellence here at CGS. When I hired Sara back in 1998, she was single and excited about her upcoming wedding. She was Sara McPherson! In fact at her interview we even discussed her wedding outfits! By the time she started here in the Fall she was officially Sara Adamson and since there was another Sarah on the staff at the time she very quickly opted to become known as Sara A and she has been Sara A ever since. Even at home she is often referred to as Sara A!

Sara wasn’t here long when she asked if she could spearhead a Terry Fox campaign for CGS.  My answer of course was “of course” and the rest is history. Her dedication to keeping Terry’s legacy and dream alive has been outstanding and we have all benefitted greatly from that. Terry indeed lives at CGS in large part because of Sara. Thank you, Sara A, for all your happy CGS years. We wish you rest and fun in your retirement and send you off with much love and our very best wishes.


Please join us in relishing over some Sara A’s CGS memories…