Japanese Inspiration in the Art Room

Welcome back from March break! Spring is finally here and that means the arrival of new blooms. For me, I’m most excited about seeing the cherry trees in bloom again! It’s the symbol of spring for many and is especially true in Japan with their Cherry Blossom Festival. This month the children in Grades 2-4 explored Japanese culture and made some beautiful cherry blossom art.

The students learned new techniques using paint and straws to blow branches. We learned that art does not have to be done only with brushes as our tools. It was fun to let loose and let the paint flow freely. Take a look at their finished products on the art board downstairs. They really make me feel like I’m walking along a mountainside in Japan!

We ended our unit with some origami, the Japanese art of folding. The children made graceful swans.

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School