JK Art Cats

This month the children in JK learned about famous American artist, Laurel Burch. They were shown many pictures of the artist’s whimsical cat artwork. The elements of art: line, shape and colour were further explored as the children noticed the artist’s use of bold black lines, vivid colours and patterns. Inspired by her paintings, the children created their own cats. They were instructed to draw simple shapes step-by-step to create the features of a cat. When drawing these shapes, the children explored the concept of symmetry. They noticed their cat face could be split into two mirror-image halves. Once the black outlines of the cats were complete, they were free to add whatever colours they wanted with watercolour. The children had such a great time making these cats. The colours were even more striking and vibrant when we posted them on a black background. They make me happy just looking at them. Please take a look at some of our JK Cats and enjoy!

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children's Garden School