JK Gets Healthy

The JKs have just wrapped up their Healthy Eating Unit in Science with a bang. Nutritionist Linda Tommarino visited today to talk about healthy snacks. Making a snack with Linda was lots of fun! Thank you again to Sienna’s mum for sponsoring the visit for the class.The children have been learning about healthy eating for the last few weeks. They have been talking about the food groups (and how to eat a balanced diet), good hygiene and even how to set a proper table. Sara and Meesh have seen a real difference in the snacks the children have been bringing to school since the beginning of the unit. Keep it up JKs! The children also brought in their Food Drive donations today. Wow, what an effort. Zandee is thrilled to see almost three more bins filled to the brim.

We give food to help people get strong. ~ Ethan