JK Wish List Arrivals

There was lots of excitement on Thursday when the children arrived to find new toys in the classroom! Thank you to the CGS Foundation and the Wish List program for funding these fun and educational additions to our classroom. This group of JK’s is especially enthusiastic when it comes to puzzles so we made sure to purchase several. (Puzzles are often their first choice during Free Play.) We have five new floor puzzles and they were put into action right away! They were also excited to see a new doctor kit and kitchen accessories for our dramatic play area. We also found amazing new building materials to be used during team building and some fun fine motor table toys. (Sara and I are still on the hunt for more educational tools for the classroom. Wish List grants are $500 for each class and we have some money left to spend.) The children know these purchases come through the generous support of our CGS mums and dads. We talked about showing respect for our new toys and the importance of being grateful. It was such a fun way to end our week!

Sara A & Meesh
JK Teachers
Children’s Garden School