A Delightful Day at Forsythe Family Farm!

What a delightful day our JK and SK students had visiting Forsythe Family Farm on Friday! This was their first field trip of the year!  They had an absolute blast exploring the farm, making memories, and learning about the wonderful world of farm life.

Forsythe Family Farms served as an outdoor classroom, with its wide-open spaces, vibrant fields, and beautiful changing leaves providing the perfect backdrop for learning. Our JK and SK students had the opportunity to understand how fruits and vegetables grow, the importance of farming, how to take care of farm life, and how the changing seasons impact the environment.

Armed with little baskets and lots of excitement, our students got to search the big pumpkin patch on an exhilarating pumpkin hunt! There were big ones, small ones, round ones, and even some quirky-shaped ones, but they all had one thing in common – they were bursting with potential for creativity and fun.

One of the highlights of their field trip was getting up close and personal with the farm’s animals! The students couldn’t contain their excitement as they met and pet the fluffy bunnies, the hungry and curious goats, and the gentle sheep. The joy on their faces while petting and feeding their new barnyard buddies was simply priceless.

They got to hop onto a special rustic hayride too! The students smiled and laughed as the tractor pulled them through the fantastic farm fields, passing by the big pumpkin patches and colourful trees. It was a wonderful way to soak in the beauty of fall on such a wonderful autumn day. They also enjoyed the beautiful day with explorative farm play and sliding down the big farm slide!

This field trip was a fantastic opportunity for our JK and SK students to connect with nature and gain a deeper appreciation for the agricultural world around them. Such great exposure to experiences like this aids in expanding their young minds to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world we live in. Forsythe Family Farms made learning a hands-on, unforgettable experience for our students!