Keeping Others Warm

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Holiday Outreach this year. It was so much fun! Steve revamped our games this year and the kids loved all the different ways they had to deliver presents to houses. There were obstacle courses, scooter board routes and stacking cup challenges to get through before presents could be delivered. After the games were over, we headed upstairs for more fun activities. Pizza and The Grinch finished off the night. The library is full of your amazing donations. Many, many thanks for your generosity. The warm winter clothes and toiletries will be delivered to the the Native Women’s Resource Centre next week. Thank you to the CGS staff too, for donating their time and putting together such a festive night for the children. Holiday Outreach has become such a lovely CGS tradition and it was great to see alumni and yet-to-be CGS’ers at the party with their siblings.