Laser Focus in Grade 2

Daily 5 in Grade 2 is in full swing! The students choose from 5 centres; Read-to-Self, Read-to-Someone, Listen-to-Reading, Word Work, and Work on Writing. The students are empowered by having choices and each centre strengthens their literacy skills in different ways. The children have been building their reading stamina for
Read-to-Self since Grade 1. Independent and Shared Reading is modelled and slowly introduced so that the students know what it looks like and how to do it effectively to become better readers. Here is a peak at Daily 5: Read-to-Self in action. The Grade 2’s know how important choosing a good spot is and keeping your eyes on the page the whole time. Having the lights off minimizes distraction and calms the children so they are ready to strengthen their reading stamina. Recently, the Grade 2’s were given personal Flash Light Lasers to enhance one-to-one correspondence and to focus in on the words. Here is some feedback from the Grade 2’s on what they think of their new reading tool…

“Having the lights off calm me down. The flashlight is bright and it helps me read. The laser part helps me focus on each word!” ~ Kaya

“It helps me see better” ~ Finn

“I think Daily 5 is a lot better with these because you can see the words more clearly in dark cozy reading spots.” ~ Tenley

“The light helps me focus because whenever I stop I know where my place is. They’re awesome!” ~ Noah

“They’re very useful because they help you read books very well” ~ Charlie

“They’re awesome. I feel more focused on reading the words!” ~ Theo

“My favourite spot in Daily 5 is under the teacher’s desk. Because nobody is around me. I’m blocked with the desk. The flashlight helps me a lot because my sneaky desk spot is dark. I like them a lot and Daily 5!” ~ Matteo

“I knew about the laser first! My teacher showed me in the morning and had to keep it a secret. I kept them a good secret. It’s a great tool!” ~ Carter

Jordan Morneau
Grade 2 Teacher
Children’s Garden School