Leadership in Grade 3

As the oldest children at the school, the Grade 3s are often looked up to by the younger students and have done a fantastic job at taking on the challenge of making good choices and setting a positive example. They are given many opportunities to showcase their leadership, such as being Ambassadors on our Terry Fox Walk (helping to give high fives and words of encouragement), being Book Buddies with the JKs, as well as ensuring teachers have seating at special events and thanking visitors to the school on behalf of all students. They also regularly take the initiative themselves to show their leadership skills by helping a younger friend turn off the faucet in the washroom, or reminding others to be quiet and respectful when moving through the school. Their maturity and awareness was recognized in September when the ENTIRE Grade 3 class received a Character Award for Mindfulness. It is wonderful to see the children grow in the knowledge that they have the confidence to do the right thing (no matter how tricky the circumstances) and encourage others to do the same. They show their leadership with their sympathetic words, their kind actions and their positive attitudes. Many more opportunities for these kiddos to show their leadership will be happening, and we can be sure that they will do their best to be their best selves!

Emily Blackwood
Grade 3 Teacher
Children’s Garden School