Learning About Bengali Culture in JK

The JK’s have been so fortunate to have Tanjina, our amazing student teacher, in our classroom. Along with doing many fun and exciting activities, including science experiments, gross motor activities and extra reading on a daily basis, Tanjina brought in her National Clothing for cultural studies this week. She talked about the importance of when and where these clothing items are worn. She brought in both male (Lungi) and female (Saree) pieces as well as her children’s dress called ‘Salwar-Kameez’. ‘Pahela Baishakh’, or the Bengali New Year, is on April 15th but the year isn’t 2018. According to the Bengali calendar, the year is 1425! Thank you Tanjina, the children and teachers are learning so much from you.

Meesh & Sara A
JK Teachers
Children’s Garden School