Learning How to Give

I am going to give nine coins to a boy or girl in need. ~ Ethan SK

We wanted to acknowledge a few children who recently brought unsolicited donations into Marie to share with Children of Hope Uganda. The Principal’s Club aims to give the children a clear model for giving and it is so gratifying to see them taking what they’ve learned to heart all on their own. Thank you to Ava and Zoe in Grade 3 (and Zoe’s little brother Athan in JK who helped!) for creating artwork to raise money. They used paint and pastels to create pictures and cards to sell to friends and family. Marie also received a package from Ethan in SK this week. He has yet to be in Principal’s Club (it is only open to Grades 1-3) so it was especially notable that he has already learned to think about others. Ethan gathered his own money and made a beautiful container for it. Marie will make sure that these extremely thoughtful donations make their way to Lorna and the children in Barlonyo, Uganda. Every little bit helps and the money the children raised will be very much appreciated. Thank you Ava, Zoe and Ethan!