Learning More About Terry

Sara A always wants the children to learn as much about Terry as they can each year. She invites a speaker from the Terry Fox Foundation to visit the week of our run to really help Terry come to life for the children. Our speaker this year was excellent. Thank you Lisa! She brought a replica of Terry ‘s artificial leg to show us; it is even more astounding to think that Terry accomplished what he did using such a heavy, inflexible piece of equipment that caused him so much pain. Lisa also asked a few volunteers from the audience to demonstrate how working towards a goal together, instead of alone, can accomplish so much more. Lisa wanted the children to see how much their contributions to Terry have made a difference. Bea and Ethan worked together to ‘fill the bucket’ and had it filled to the brim in no time. Lisa has also been collecting water from all of the schools across Canada she has spoken at. (She uses a replica bottle of the one Terry used when he started his walk on the Atlantic coast to gather the water in.) CGS water and spirit is now travelling with her!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Terry shirt and made a donation to the Foundation. Donations are still being accepted at terryfoxschoolrun.org. Thank you! We are so proud that the CGS community has been supporting Terry’s cause for 20 years. Sara will be announcing our final 2018 fundraising total at the Assembly on Oct 25. We hope you enjoyed the walk today and I look forward to sharing Don’s beautiful pictures next week!