Legoland is Awesome

The Grade 1-4 classes had an absolute blast at Legoland on Thursday. It was the first time CGS has visited the Discovery Centre and it was well worth it. The children really enjoyed their Tall Towers Workshop with Sean. They started off talking about tall towers around the world and naming the ones they already knew like the CN Tower and the Eiffel Tower. They talked about building strong stable bases and the value of using interlocking pieces to create strength. They also learned about the difference between natural and man made structures and the different roles that constructions workers, architects and engineers play. After the workshop, the children were tasked with building a tall tower of their own. Once the groups were done building they had to test their structures on the earthquake table! When the hard work was done the children headed into the centre for free play. There were great activities to participate in everywhere the kids turned. A huge highlight was the truly awe-inspiring Toronto display – all made out of lego! The city is laid out in extreme detail, complete with the subway running underground and the buildings lit up at night!