Lest We Forget

As school started today we all began our commemorative respects for all of the brave souls who fought for our country through the World Wars. Our Remembrance Day assembly along with all the educational opportunities throughout all our classrooms to collectively learn about Remembrance Day and its importance, unified our CGS students, families and community to honour those who fought, and gave their time and lives in their service.

Our assembly was presented by our SK, grade 1, 2 and 3 students where through different songs and passages, our young minds reflected that this day was about remembering and honouring the brave soldiers who protected our country. They shared with our audience about the significance of Remembrance Day, not just as a day off from school but as a day to reflect on the sacrifices made by countless men and women in times of war.

The heart of the assembly came when the school observed 2 minutes of silence. For those sixty seconds, the gymnasium was filled with stillness and respect. It was remarkable to witness even the youngest children participating with the utmost seriousness and maturity, understanding the importance of this solemn moment. Beautifully displayed all over the gymnasium was all the incredible art work that all of our classes have created as their respectful contribution to commemorate our Canadian soldiers.

Earlier in the week we had a visit from one of our very own Canadian Veterans and Memory Project Speaker, Lieutenant Colonel Jaime Phillips, who shared some of her experiences in training, war, equipment, and also through her overseas deployments. Our Grade 2/3 class also took a walk to the cenotaph where they paid their respects on behalf of our school by laying flowers, letters, and other tokens from our CGS students.

In a world that sometimes rushes by in a blur, this Remembrance Day commemorative week was a beautiful reminder that we should pause, reflect, and pay tribute to those who made it possible for us to live in peace. It was a day of learning, empathy, and respect, and it will be a memory that the students carry with them as they grow and mature, understanding the value of remembrance and the importance of honouring our heroes.

Lest We forget.