Little Canada Field Trip

Our Grade 1 to 4 students ventured to the heart of downtown to visit the BIG Little Canada Exhibit! They got to experience our vast nation in the most intricate miniature form! Little Canada is a celebration of all things Canada for everyone who visits to enjoy. It’s a unique journey of discovery through the sights and sounds of our great country in a detailed miniature scale (How cool!?).

Our students were lucky to explore all the unique spectacles in the exhibit. They discovered some of the staple monuments and structures that our country has that make Canada, Canada, and learned how vastly different our country is from coast to coast. They interreacted with some of the Little Canada employees and watched the artists in action creating and “littlizing” (as they call it) everything Canadian! From the Rocky Mountains in BC to the CN Tower right here in our hometown, and all the other incredible Canadian treasures, the grade 1 to 4 students expanded their sense of wonder, discovery, and curiosity!

Have a look at some of the amazing Canadian wonders they got to explore!