The Lorax Wins the Day!

Congratulations to our amazing performers! The Lorax was a complete treat from start to finish.
We think it was one of our best shows yet. It was full of humour and left us all with it’s beautiful message of hope and reminded us of the profound role trees play in our world.  There were many thank yous said before and after the performances but please bear with us as we say them again here. Our musical productions really do ‘take a village’ as Marie said on Thursday, and our village has been working very hard for over two months! Firstly to the actors for their excellent effort during the rehearsal process and during the shows, to Arts Express (who have given our students invaluable experiences over the years), to Ashley (our director), Lauren (our musical director), Norm (our accompanist), Ceci and Emily (our set designers), and of course to the whole CGS staff for their very capable back stage wrangling and generally keeping things on track. Thank you to the parents as well for their support at home, both with lines and costumes. We couldn’t do it without you!