Lucky 7

The Early Start children are working hard on their Touch Math booklets. We are busy practicing our counting, one-to-one correspondence and number recognition. The children are learning how numbers are symbols that represent a quantity. They are learning new math concepts by comparing quantities using the terms more and less, and same and different. The children really enjoy practicing during hands-on activities, using objects to gain a better understanding. They are eager learners and enjoy helping one another find the answers. The more hands-on activities offered, the more children are engaged and math becomes fun! Hands-on activities also engage children of diverse abilities, giving them different ways of learning to make math more meaningful. We are noticing more friends counting numbers, pointing out patterns, matching numbers to objects and using the words more and less in everyday activities! We are so proud of our Early Starts for their progress with “Touch Math”.

Anah, Clare and Liz
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School