Lucky To Be Different

‘Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the test of our civilization.’
~ Mahatma Gandhi

As we come to the end of January we come to the end of our official focus on diversity. Lucky for us though, our beautiful, diverse community remains no matter what we’re studying at school. We are so fortunate at CGS to be truly immersed in diversity. When Marie addressed the children at the Character Ed Assembly on Tuesday, she explained to the children what diversity means and what difference can look like in its’ many forms. She also had to communicate to the children that sometimes people don’t like people that are different from them and that, as a result of this, they treat people unkindly. One of our Grade 1 students called out incredulously, ‘What?? Why??’ The confusion and shock were clear in his voice. In his world, the idea that people could be harmed for being different wasn’t just a foreign idea, it was an idea that didn’t even enter his consciousness. Racism, sexism and prejudice cannot grow where there is no concept of inequality. Unity becomes easy to achieve. I think this is what Mahatma Gandhi was hoping for. So, in these very trying, often discouraging times, know that we are making progress! When a room full of young school children would never dream of making someone’s skin colour or language or culture an issue, we are doing well! Civilization is moving in the right direction in our small corner of the world.