Magical Hideouts for Grade 1

We had our first virtual field trips with Snapology this week. The JK’s had their trip on Tuesday morning and Grade 1’s got their chance on Wednesday. (The rest of the students will be ‘going’ on June 12.) The Grade 1’s had a blast building a ‘magical hideout’ that you would live in if you were a ‘mythical creature.’ Our instructor Austin was so fun and knowledgeable about the fantasy genre. He was also quite the skilled Lego builder! The creativity was off the charts as the kids came up with totally diverse and unique structures. Some had secret passageways that you needed a ‘password’ in order to get through. Some had slides and multiple levels with treasure chests. Others were more practical and included separate bathrooms for witches and wizards. It was such a fun afternoon. Thank you Snapology!

Heather & Emily
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School

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