Making it Work!

Kudos to our wonderful, resilient specialty teachers. They have been on the move every day - teaching inside, outside, remote and live. Rim and Mani in particular have been struggling with voice strain and have been anxiously awaiting headset mics. They arrived this week and are fantastic - an outdoor teaching gamechanger! Now they can be heard loud and clear through their masks and above traffic noise. This has been especially critical for Rim in French class when so much relies on the children hearing her clearly.

Mani also started doing her remote music and drama sessions from her new set up in the chapel this week. She is so happy to have a big space to work in. For Art, Carrie is set up with an excellent demo camera at home for her remote sessions and is able to walk the kids through their art projects step by step. These teachers are making it work! Thank you to Dayna for her unfailing IT support. We are forever grateful for her expertise to help get these new teaching strategies and tools up and running.