Making Music in Grade 4

Kelly’s son Finn made a song with us on Thursday for our Graduation Ceremony. Finn comes every year to help the graduating class write an original song. First, we made a list of some of our favourite activities from this year to sing about. Then we put the words together in a song. Finn plays the guitar and he sings. He helped us make the chorus and some verses. It was really fun to share our song ideas with eachother. It was a good way to spend the morning!

Riley Rogers
Grade 4 Correspondent
Children’s Garden School

(Ava and Daniel also stopped by to perform their first official duty as Principals for the Day while the Grade 4’s were working. The Graduation song is always top secret – no one gets to hear it until the Final Assembly, except Marie and a few teachers. Ava and Daniel were called down to give it their seal of approval. Thank you Principals!)