Making Sentences in JK

I am important is always uppercase.

At the end of a thought, please put a dot.

Look for a clue to know what to do.

Sara A and Meesh have all sorts of fun ways to remind the children about the rules of making a proper sentence. Their catchy phrases really help the children to commit the rules to memory and build good habits. I think there are probably a lot of CGS alumni out there who still hear themselves saying ‘At the end of a thought, please put a dot.’ when they end a sentence! The 2020/21 JK’s are putting their new learning into practice in their Sight Word Sentences Book. They’re cutting out words so they can arrange them in the right order and drawing pictures to go along with their sentences. They are also working on correcting sentences. If things get tricky, students have a ‘helper sheet’ handy to help guide them.