Marshmallow Measurement

It’s been a busy first week back in the Grade One classroom! A new year and new term comes with new questions and knowledge. The Grade Ones have been learning about Measurement in their math lessons, starting with linear measurement. The children have discovered that there are standard and non-standard units for measuring. Heather & Emily organized a fun way to consolidate their understanding – measuring with marshmallows! By using both large and small marshmallows, the children can see the opportunity for choosing an appropriate unit of measurement. They also understand that each unit is an identical size and must be placed adjacent to the previous marshmallow without any gaps. The children had an ooey-gooey time practising their measuring skills and are ready to measure using standard units! We also look forward to covering the concepts of weight, temperature, capacity, perimeter, and area in the upcoming weeks to conclude our measurement unit. Marvellous Marshmallow Math, Grade Ones!

Emily & Heather
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School