Let Us Show You How Math Is Fun!

Math Is Fun!

This week at CGS all of our students dove into some really fun math exercises! From 1-1 counting to calculating data, our CGS students were all mathtastic! Check out what each class is up to.

Early Start

Our ES kids are moving through our TouchMath #6 booklet! They are practicing their 1-1 counting skills, along with learning and recognizing specific numbers and quantities. They are also working through strengthening their motor skills through repetition of number tracing! Bravo to our littles!

es math 2
es math 3


Our JKs are working so hard to link together our hands on and verbal cognitive actions through recognizing numbers, patterns and equations. They are learning and practicing their subtraction skills on and off paper for a better understanding of its concept.

jk math 2
jk math


Our SKs are learning to go the distance! They are learning the concept of measurement. They are understanding the rules of how measurements work through contrast and comparison of height, width, and length. They applied this to an exercise to measure their foot size. They are also practicing how to measure things and all the components that are needed to do so(straight lines, counter cubes, rulers, etc).

sk math 1
sk math 2

Grade 1

Our Gr. 1s broke the ice with their first Steam Challenge of the year with an introduction to geometry! They practiced their ongoing adding/subtracting skills with buying specific shapes to build their protective sheilds. They are begin to understand the different types of geometric shapes with a focus on the different types of triangles.

gr 1 math 1
gr 1 math 2

Grade 2-4

Our Gr. 2-4 are dilligently collecting important data all over CGS! We know can delcare Eevee IS the most favourite Pokemon! We know this because our Gr 2-4s surveyed most of the CGS student body and staff with a multitude of questions and applied all their data into specific graphing systems. They have been practicing their application of how to draw a graph, how they transfer their data into a graph and how to read them. Little stock brokers in the making!

g2 4 math 1
gr 2 4 math 2