Mighty Grade 1 Learners!

It’s time for a another classroom spotlight. This week it’s our small and mighty class of grade 1 students! Our friends in grade 1 have been diving into some exciting educational adventures in their classroom! Through Phonics Stations, and intriguing Math and Social Studies activities, they have been enjoying exploring their grade 1 learning with Meghan.

CGS believes that making learning enjoyable is the key to helping our students grasp new concepts. That’s where the grade 1 Phonics Stations come in. These stations are like magic portals that transport our students to a world of letters and words.

At Station 1, students were given a bag of scrabble and letter tiles, transforming learning into a wordy adventure. They got to create words from their special word list – it’s like a game of wordplay! At Station 2 they practiced their spelling skills by writing words from their spell well word list with their finest handwriting. This allowed them to practice their penmanship while reinforcing spelling. Station 3 was all about using whiteboards and the power of sound division! They practiced breaking down the words through their distinct sounds. At Station 4 they were working together through strategic thinking while playing Phonics Battleship! They had to guess letters to uncover hidden words and attempt to sink each other’s battleships. In their last Station, it was time for a game of Go Fish by matching the letters based on the Phonics rules. Through these stations, they were practicing and learning their Phonics principles in such interactive ways!

In the world of Mathematics, our grade 1 students were exploring fun Fact Families. They took three identical numbers and created different math sentences that connected them. Lastly, in the spirit of the Halloween season, they crafted Fact Family pumpkins to showcase these mathematical sentences!

Moving into Social Studies, they took a close look at our community. They have been delving into the intricacies of everyday life in their own neighbourhoods and the larger communities they are a part of. They have ventured out to explore Canada, from the wide open Prairies to the Maritime Provinces, and even the chilly Arctic Circle. They’ve learned some fascinating facts about our great country, such as Quebec’s world domination in maple syrup production, the Yukon’s gold rush that drew many settlers and created new communities through it’s mining, and Badlands National Park being best known for its discovery of dinosaur bones.

It has been a wild explorative world of learning in our Grade 1 classroom and they are embracing every moment of it!